The EDDC is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization

12 Total Projects Resulting in New & Revitalized Space

478,000 sqft


Historic Properties Restored

100,000 sqft

of New Commercial Space


New Businesses


New Residential Spaces

A City Ready for Change

Despite its past challenges, the City of Erie is uniquely positioned to capitalize on its strengths:

  • Erie is home to Presque Isle State Park, the 4th most visited public park in the United States,
  • Erie boasts 470 acres of bay front property, with 176 acres that is “shovel-ready” for development,
  • Erie is centrally located, within a 2-hour drive of Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh,
  • Erie is Pennsylvania’s only city situated on the Great Lakes,
  • Erie is home to four universities, including the nation’s largest medical school, currently serving more than 23,000 students, and
  • Erie is proud of its diversity with African Americans making up 16% of the population, and New Americans, Immigrants and Refugees comprising 20% of Erie residents.
Downtown Erie's Flagship City District


Our Goals

Developing commercial and residential real estate
Attracting businesses, residents, and additional investment into downtown
Supporting and enhancing the public spaces
Creating programming, especially events & activities that entice people to live downtown, support local business and create vibrancy

Our Mission

Downtown Erie is undergoing massive transformational change. Visionary business, philanthropic and community leaders formed the EDDC in 2017, to transform the city of Erie’s downtown core and spark revitalization across the region. Haven't been to downtown Erie lately? Please visit us, and see for yourself all that the EDDC has accomplished.

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